Admission Bachelors/Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication Course

Bachelors/Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication Course

Bachelors Of Arts – Journalism & Mass Communication

This course has a distinct advantage as it focuses on training the students through practical’s. Along with the University’s regular theory based component, ACMT provides a three- year practical based diploma to the students who enrol in this course.
During the first year, the college main focus is on giving students a sound theoretical base. Second year onwards, as part of ACMT’s practical diploma training, students are given the opportunity of internships where they can get stipend. After an initial period, which focuses on imparting software and practical training, students are required to take part in practical assignments.
At regular intervals, TV journalism students bring out their news bulletins/ feature; Print journalism students bring out their news journal; and some students bring out case studies/ campaign ideas etc. In the process, they learn to solve the problems faced. Along with a deep understanding of Journalism concepts, this practical training prepares them better for work in the media industry.
ACMT has well equipped studio, computer labs, and FCP lab and shooting equipment to facilitate students’ practical work. The ACMT faculty members are highly educated, experienced and competitive in their approach. The academic calendar has ample space for theoretical grounding and practical training of the students alongside co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Guest lectures and seminars are a regular feature at ACMT.

ELIGIBLITY 10+2; Direct/Entrance Exam
Duration 3 years; regular

Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication

Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication is suitable for anyone who is creative, dynamic and enterprising and has a flair to project his ideas, thoughts; observation through different mediums of communication. Applicants should possess the ability to think critically, an attention to detail and superb organizational skills. The course is beneficial for those who want to pursue their Master’s degree in the very subject for enhancing their educational qualification also are suitable for it.
A mass communication student after completing his course successfully can join in any of the following fields such as newspapers, magazines, advertising, radio, television and public relations. They can find employment with newspapers, periodicals and magazines, central information service, press information bureau, websites. At the same time, they can do freelancing and one can also take up this career as a part-time employment along with any other field of work.

ELIGIBLITY 10+2; Direct/Entrance Exam
Duration 2 years; regular



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